Q: Is Nitrogen safe to breathe?

A: Many Cryogenic chamber suppliers and clinics state on their websites that ‘Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air that we breathe’ even stating in some instances that ‘Nitrogen is a friendly non-toxic gas that is safe to breathe!’ Nitrogen alone is an asphyxiant (causes suffocation) and cannot sustain life in isolation. It is the 21% Oxygen in the air that we as humans rely on to survive. Pure Nitrogen is heavier than air, colourless and odourless. This is the reason we at Cryopod do not introduce the Nitrogen vapours directly into the client’s space as we believe our method allows a much safer and more comfortable atmosphere for the user.

Q: Can I immerse my head fully in the Cryopod Vapours?

A: Yes, unlike Direct Cryosaunas which use Nitrogen to cool their clients directly, the Cryopod utilises a heat exchanger, thus the client is only ever standing in super-cooled ‘breathable air’.

Q: Who developed this technology?

A: Cryotherapy as a whole has been around for over 30 years using Liquid Nitrogen to directly cool the body. We at Cryopod were the first to market with a much safer Whole Body Single User system, removing the Oxygen-depleting Nitrogen gas completely from the user’s treatment area.

Q: How do I install a Cryopod System?

A: The Cryopod easily splits into two halves and is designed to fit under the majority of public building doorways. It has low power consumption, 110/240-volt standard building supply requirement. Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) is supplied directly into the back of the machine from vacuum storage vessels either stored in the room with the Cryopod or via dedicated insulated lines to larger storage vessels positioned outside the building. Talk to our Technical Department regarding installation needs, we are always happy to help!

Q: How cold does the Cryopod client area get?

A: Many studies have been conducted into the benefits of Cryotherapy and the optimum temperature for treatments. It is not simply the case of ‘the colder the better’ and many manufacturers seem to be caught in a race to state their machine is the coldest.
We at Cryopod believe we measure our temperatures in an accurate and honest manner and can control the machine to a maximum of around -130°C (-202°F). Liquid Nitrogen boils at -196°C (-320°F) and a huge amount of heat is lost in the evaporation of the liquid. Therefore, manufacturer claims of sub -150°C (-238°F) should be treated with some caution.

Q: Is the Cryopod Easy to operate and maintain?

A: Every Cryopod is installed by a fully factory trained technician and operator. They will talk you through the operations and functions of the machine and teach the operators basic maintenance and care techniques for optimum pod performance.
Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum for the customer and service packages for all machines are available to suit your individual needs. For customers with multi-machine purchases, Cryopod can offer a bespoke accredited training course to cover maintenance, care and general trouble shooting techniques.