We believe we can help every elite sportsperson achieve greater recovery, naturally, resulting in enhanced performances.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the process of using sub-zero temperatures to deliver healing, restorative and longevity benefits to the human body. During whole-body cryotherapy treatment, the individual is exposed to extremely cold air for several minutes, stimulating the circulatory, nervous, and energy systems within the body, prompting healing and recovery. It has also been accredited with enhancing mental well-being and increasing capacity for restorative sleep. Cryotherapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment with a huge range of benefits and the technology is proving ever popular within the sport, medical and beauty industries.

The Benefits

Sport Benefits

Accelerates your Recovery

  • Helps you achieve a deep sleep – the best form of recovery
  • Reduces sore muscles and eases muscle fatigue
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes healing

Enhance your Performance

  • Increase endorphin levels
  • Boosts hormone production
  • Aids the immune system
  • Greater energy levels

    Wellness Benefits

    • Anti-aging and skin beautification
    • Boosted immune system
    • Relieves degenerative diseases of the joints & spine
    • Relieves chronic fatigue & pain
    • Eases fibromyalgia

    How Are These Benefits Achieved?

    What Happens During Whole Body Cryotherapy?

    Just a few of the known users of Cryotherapy...

    England Rugby • The All Blacks • Welsh Rugby • Most Premiership and Championship Football Clubs • Mo Farah • Usain Bolt • Cristiano Ronaldo • Gareth Bale • Harlequins Rugby • Daniel Craig • Jennifer Anniston • Gary Barlow • Hugh Jackman • Katy Perry • British Athletics • Floyd Mayweather • Conor McGregor • Novak Djokovic • the list just keeps on growing


    Individual whole body treatment 

    A CRYOPOD provides the opportunity to offer efficient single person treatments unlike multi-person chambers. Data derived from the individual athlete during treatment is displayed on the CRYOPOD monitors and can be utilised by medical staff. CRYOPOD is the only UK built unit that can offer this facility.


    Our CRYOPOD software is integrated with cutting edge biometric monitoring systems. Display screens within the pod provide real-time information and the results can also be transferred and accessed remotely to enable detailed analysis of the client’s treatment data.


    CRYOPOD is the world’s first single user unit that surrounds the client with super-cooled air rather than direct liquid nitrogen vapour. This is the safest way to use cryotherapy. It also features swipe card access.


    Our team of world-class engineers have meticulously crafted the CRYOPOD to ensure that safety and efficiency is at the heart of our design and operation. Our software engineers have incorporated the very latest technology into the CRYOPOD including built in Wi-Fi connectivity and state-of-the-art LCD touch screens. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 accredited.


    We are able to offer you a personalised design solution to fit perfectly with your end requirements. From expertly fitted upholstery available in 17 colours to ‘wrap’ the CRYOPOD in your branding.


    Our software engineers are always on standby and are able to access the Pod (with your permission) to upload software upgrades remotely when required.


    We work alongside the world’s largest industrial gas supply companies to ensure that each client has access to the very best cryogenic resource support network.

    A Few Testimonials

    "If you want to know how elite athletes recover so quickly, this is your chance to try out one of the best technological aids around for Sports people right now.
    After trying the Cryopod earlier this year myself, I fully understand why they're part of many top sports stars recovery programme…I felt great!"

    STEVE CRAM CBE, coach, presenter & former olympian

    "It certainly was an unusual experience being in the Cryopod. My recovery from the Kielder Marathon seems to be going very well, my muscles are almost back to normal and don’t seem to be suffering much in the way of aches and strains. I have been for a couple of short runs since and they have gone well. In general, I am not suffering any fatigue in fact I feel like I have more energy than normal. Hopefully I’ll feel as energised as I have this week 👍 Thank you for my Cryopod experience."

    Wendy, Winner at The Marathon

    "I had been suffering all week with some lower back pain and not sleeping particularly well, after the session in the Cryopod I did not feel an immediate benefit but did sleep well and my back pain had gone, one week later I am still pain free!"

    John, a VIP and non-runner

    CRYOPOD for hire

    A fully equipped Mobile CRYOPOD is available for you to hire. For more details and to check availability please email your requirements including dates, venue, number of potential users and a few words about your organisation or club.
    Please email Paul at pstevens@cryopod.co.uk



        sport recovery

        Whole-body cryotherapy is fast becoming recognised as a powerful component in training and recovery programmes for athletes across a wide range of sports and fitness / training disciplines. As well as helping athletes to stay alert and focused, the innovative treatment provides a powerful anti-inflammatory response — decreasing injury recovery time.



        Cryotherapy is an increasingly popular part of beauty and wellness regimes across the globe. Users of Cryopod describe feeling energised and elated following their treatment as a result of the release of adrenaline and endorphins. Many renowned celebrities incorporate Cryotherapy into their beauty schedule describing the treatment as ‘making their skin glow’. The treatment is also considered to reduce cellulite and increase caloric burn.



        CRYOPOD equipment is used by

        “The unique safety and design features of the CryoPod are a strong basis for the PolarFit® Care program . PolarFit® Care is a new and innovative approach to whole body cryotherapy that generates fully customized, precision treatment programs that can help athletes in many ways. Top clubs are integrating CRYOPOD with PolarFit® Care on their care approach for their athletes.”

        – Ann Callens, PolarFit®